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Grace Richardson, NCCA

Reenergized Living Contributing Author


Apr 13, 2023

Written By: Grace Richardson, Contributing Author

Contributing Authors at Reenergized Living are carefully selected because of their knowledge and expertise in bridging the gap between traditional and alternative medicine.


Detoxing “the body” is such a popular topic right now. Probably more so because of what many people were “forced” to put in their bodies these past 2 years. Hey, yeah, I know this specific topic elicits a lot of emotional feelings and gets people riled up. I would think even though it’s not being talked about out there in the mainstream, there’s a lot of obvious signs that many have been affected negatively.

Shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue, severe and/or persistent headaches, heart palpitations, blurred vision, leg swelling, increased risk of blood clotting are just some of the effects that people struggled with from the jab. Being very transparent here, many experienced worse and even succumbed.

My friend Elizabeth lost her husband 5 days after receiving the vaccine. He had health issues, diabetes and heart related issues. The vaccine complicated his diseases to the point of mortality.

The million $ questions? How do you detox poison? Is it too late?

Let’s back up a bit and leave that heavy-duty topic behind for now. Let’s consider our current health situation overall. Ask yourself… Where am I right now? How am I eating? Am I taking supplements? What type of products am I using daily? For my home, my body, my skin? Do I concern myself with ingredients? How much sleep am I getting? What is my stress level? What type of stresses do I encounter in my home and work life? What medication am I taking daily? Is there a way to minimize those meds and perhaps substitute some natural solutions?

I know, I know, I bombarded you, but I wanted to get you to start thinking in greater depth about your true health condition. The answers determine the body’s toxicity and what must be done to unburden the liver of those toxins to prevent sickness and/or to stop progression of diseases.

The focus of any detox is the liver. The liver is one of the most important organs. The liver is pretty tough but it can be overloaded from poor diet, alcohol consumption, medications, the toxic products that we use and even ingest everyday and the toxins we inhale outside from a variety of environmental sources.

The liver serves the entire digestive system.

I read that by the time a woman leaves the bathroom in the morning, she has already ingested 80 toxins. Makes sense right? Fragrance, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, skincare, makeup, and hairspray, just to name a few.

Where are you at in what you’re feeding your body orally or topically? Are you aware that products that claim to be “organic” and “clean” are not necessarily so? Those companies are called “green washers”. You can look this up. I don’t want to name names. And educating yourself is important. It would behoove you to start reading ingredients and looking them up. More than 5 ingredients and ingredients you can’t pronounce should raise your curiosity antennae.

Going back to the beginning of this article, I have been reading that the effects of the vaxx can be minimized by taking certain vitamins/supplements. Read up on Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. There are also other MD’s that have created helpful protocols.

As for the liver, I brought up Lemon essential oil as a great way to balance the gut flora. Please do not purchase just any essential oil. I only recommend doTERRA for quality due to how they source, where they source, how they process, the number of testing done prior to bottling and release to their customers. Do not ingest any essential oil, unless the essential is directly from doTERRA. I’m saying buy directly from doTERRA because Amazon sells them!

The other essential oil I recommend is Cypress which stimulates and regulates liver secretions and supports cleansing and detoxification. When ingesting Lemon or Cypress, you can add a drop in a 4 ounce cup of water each time you drink water. Just so you know, Lemon is more pleasant than Cypress so you will most likely put Lemon in your water more often than Cypress. But make sure you use both.

There are additional helpful essential oils for supporting the liver, but I don’t want to make this too complicated. The goal is to detox the liver.

The immune system is greatly improved by a healthy digestive system. Gut health impacts immune health by 80%, so it’s very important to get the digestive organs working collaboratively with each other.

Thank you for reading this article. If you found it beneficial, please check us out at and take advantage of our weekly value-driven tips and resources that you can receive via email.

Final words on detoxing…. If you want to start feeling better, do some simple switches in the products that you use. Not only will you save money, but you will see how much easier it is to “make” your own cleaning products, face wash, skin serum, and so many more for the entire family. Here at Graceful Wellness Co our goal is to teach you how to live simply and establish a lifestyle that supports a graceful aging journey.

Grace Richardson
Grace Richardson, NCCA
Website | + posts

In August 2021, my husband, Doug, daughter, Joanne and I got Covid19.  Both Doug and Joanne developed respiratory issues that they felt would be relieved by going to the hospital.  Little did I know that they would not be returning home. Doug passed away on  September 8 and Joanne on September 12.

It was worse than a punch in the gut.  My heart was shredded.  I would have traded my life for my daughter's so her then 5 year old son could have his mom.  Doug and Joanne were my support system in life and business.  It felt like all my limbs were cut off one limb at a time! But for God....

The pain was excruciating.

I lost 20+ lbs.  I looked and felt horrible.  Sagging jowls, wrinkled skin... I had aged at least 10 years!  The loss of Doug and Joanne 4 days apart was more than I could bear and it showed. Seeing myself in the mirror scared me.  I had to turn my attention back to my health.  The grief caused havoc to my internal organs from lack of proper nutrition, hydration, extreme stress, lack of sleep, and consistent emotional distress.  I was in trouble.  Unless the internal and emotional issues are attended to first, anything I do externally will be temporary and may even be ineffective.

As a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Face Reflexologist, I had the tools to restore my health and ultimately my appearance.  I created aromatherapy blends and face reflexology points to address my internal and emotional issues.  Pain is inevitable, but misery is optional!

My success in restoring myself gave birth to my Beauty. After. Ashes. -Healing Gracefully Method. Today, I am focused on helping women who have experienced loss, trauma or grief, teaching them that there is life after devastation and the good news is it's in our very own hands and through our faith that God is real and He is faithful.

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