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Grace Richardson

Reenergized Living Contributing Author

Beauty After Ashes – Healing Gracefully

Feb 20, 2023

Written By: Grace Richardson, Contributing Author

Contributing Authors at Reenergized Living are carefully selected because of their knowledge and expertise in bridging the gap between traditional and alternative medicine.

Beauty After Ashes – Healing Gracefully

The song “beauty for ashes” speaks about how God turns our grief, our trauma, and our pain, into something good because He is with us through it all.

“He gives beauty for ashes
Strength for fear
Gladness for mourning
Peace for despair.”

He says in Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” ‭‭Are you familiar with the saying: “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”?

Well, I say, why make lemonade? Perhaps we need to look at lemons differently.

We know God’s creation is perfect. Every tree, every animal, the sea, the sky, the moon, the sun, the stars, us, right? Did you know lemons are great for cleaning, cleansing, detoxing, and fixing our gut. It’s very high in Vitamin C and great for health, beauty and emotions.

Knowing this then, “when life gives us lemons”, should we look at it as God’s way of cleansing us, healing us, fixing us, and drawing us closer to Him? We know God’s purpose and plan for those who love Him can’t be thwarted; regardless of what “lemons” we have to deal with, He’ll bring the good out of it.

In ‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭29:11‬, He says: “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” If you trust that He is faithful, then you must believe that He keeps His promises.

Some people say it’s hard to be grateful and thankful when one is “dealing” with difficulty and unanswered prayers. I believe this is the time that we should be most thankful and grateful because God uses circumstances in our lives, like the diagnosis of a heart-wrenching disease or a loss, to draw us closer to Him. The fact that He is trusting us with an amazing testimony to encourage others to the kingdom of God is an amazing opportunity and privilege.

As to unanswered prayers. God always answers our prayers. He says “yes”, “no” or “wait”. We just don’t want to believe that He would say “no” to what we think is good for us. But knowing God, our Father, is infinitely wise and that He already knows the end, He protects us from making the wrong decisions. I’m glad because I know I’ve prayed prayers that wouldn’t have served me right!

Should I have been mad that He didn’t answer the prayers for healing and restoration for Doug and Joanne? I’m disappointed, but He is God, and He knows the desires of the hearts of those of us who prayed, but He has a better plan. I have to trust in that.

To be honest, Without my strong spiritual foundation and personal experience that God/Jesus is real and He is involved in every detail of the lives of those who trust Him, I would have been destroyed completely by the loss of my husband, Doug and daughter, Joanne in September 2021, 4 days apart.

Even though I have aromatherapy and face reflexology to alleviate grief, prayer and the word of God is still the best source for healing and restoration.

Every day, I pray and tell the Lord that I trust in Him with all my heart. I ask for help not to lean on my own understanding. In all my ways, I acknowledge Him and ask Him to be involved in the details of my life. Then I ask Him to direct my paths, so that I will be in obedience and in an intimate relationship with Him.

Give this thought…. I believe it will encourage you.

Grace Richardson
Grace Richardson, NCCA
Website | + posts

In August 2021, my husband, Doug, daughter, Joanne and I got Covid19.  Both Doug and Joanne developed respiratory issues that they felt would be relieved by going to the hospital.  Little did I know that they would not be returning home. Doug passed away on  September 8 and Joanne on September 12.

It was worse than a punch in the gut.  My heart was shredded.  I would have traded my life for my daughter's so her then 5 year old son could have his mom.  Doug and Joanne were my support system in life and business.  It felt like all my limbs were cut off one limb at a time! But for God....

The pain was excruciating.

I lost 20+ lbs.  I looked and felt horrible.  Sagging jowls, wrinkled skin... I had aged at least 10 years!  The loss of Doug and Joanne 4 days apart was more than I could bear and it showed. Seeing myself in the mirror scared me.  I had to turn my attention back to my health.  The grief caused havoc to my internal organs from lack of proper nutrition, hydration, extreme stress, lack of sleep, and consistent emotional distress.  I was in trouble.  Unless the internal and emotional issues are attended to first, anything I do externally will be temporary and may even be ineffective.

As a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Face Reflexologist, I had the tools to restore my health and ultimately my appearance.  I created aromatherapy blends and face reflexology points to address my internal and emotional issues.  Pain is inevitable, but misery is optional!

My success in restoring myself gave birth to my Beauty. After. Ashes. -Healing Gracefully Method. Today, I am focused on helping women who have experienced loss, trauma or grief, teaching them that there is life after devastation and the good news is it's in our very own hands and through our faith that God is real and He is faithful.

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